KALASK are a 6.99 Density Alpha-Draconian ancient race who reside on the Thuban star in the Alpha Draconis system, in the very center of The Draconian Empire to be specific. Thuban is a binary star system in the Draco Constellation. The constellation of Draco is a massive star system that also consists of the Regions of Eltanin, Rastaban, Edasich, Giausar, and Altais.  These specific regions are the ones mainly known to humans, however there are hundreds more regions surrounding the main locations which are still very unknown to the human race and  which have never been visited by any non-Draconian race.

KALASK’s ancient origin is ancient Reptilian actually, and they are one of the highest-ranking, most fierce and dominant Alpha Draconian pureblood military races within the Alpha Draconian Empire, and within our Galaxy as well.

As one of the major winners of the ancient Orion wars, KALASK is a pureblood ancient Draconian military race with an astonishingly massive and muscular appearance. They weigh approximately 600-900 lbs each and have a height of approximately 9ft to 12ft, with black & dark navy blue metallic skin and scales, long claws and tails, with extended jaws and chins.

KALASK’s profound wisdom, bluntness, boldness and truthfulness is already well known to humans due to the fact of their previous multiple year presence in the channeling and spiritual industries within Earth’s collective via former official channeler in Germany which ended in approximately 2021.

KALASK also inhabits a variety of different locations across this Galaxy such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth’s spy satellite Moon as well as in the Orion, Rigel, and Capella systems to name a few.

Their life span ranges from approximately a quarter million to approximately just over 1 million human years and in fact 2 of the official KALASK council members in a larger group of council setting who approved Anthony’s official channeling and representation contract, were of approximately 1.1M years each and this was an extremely rare and special opportunity for Anthony to have directly been communicated and spoken to by the official council members in this pre-arranged and approved consciousness meeting setting.

The official color of KALASK is red, and this is also the color of their religion, and this color is proudly displayed in their race symbol featured on many of their own planetary structures such as buildings and towers, as well as being proudly depicted and displayed by Anthony with approval and permission granted for public and internet display as per his official channeling contract.

KALASK, as independent and sovereign as they are, they still are ruled by the much higher ranking royal Draconian families who truly manage all business that involves them directly or indirectly.  The Empire is responsible not only for complete and meticulous management overall, but also the entire Draconian military ranks, social order, economy, trading, contracts, agreements, permissions, politics, cultural heritage, police and hybridization as the royal ranks are truly an extraordinary and immensely powerful militarized society that surpass and overshadow any other ET species within our galaxy.

Even though the negotiations, communication, monitoring and multiple direct visits to Anthony’s 4th, 5th and 6th Density states started in early 2023, as of January 2024, Anthony officially holds the only authorized sole position of approved channeling and representation of KALASK within Earth’s collective as per mutually agreed and official contract, approved by the Council of KALASK.

Anthony’s overall history with Alpha Draconian races and their representatives goes back a few years already.  In 2021 he underwent an extensive and rigorous 5th Density and Astral training program focused on mental and psychological warfare lasting almost 1 year in which he successfully completed multiple levels of various mental and psychological Draconian warfare training, unlocking portions of both his Reptilian and Draconian keys and co-creating with numerous hybrid and pureblood Alpha Draconian races.

KALASK’s purpose in communicating directly with Earth and humans again in 2024, is due to their desire to understand and assist humanity on a much deeper mental and psychological level, as they refer to themselves as the “ultimate philosophers” which they directly told Anthony. They are fully aware that there is a mistrust within humans towards the Draconian races due to fear-mongering radical misinformation and disinformation, and KALASK will be looking forward to clarifying, explaining, exposing and teaching the truth and wisdom of not only their race but of the entire Alpha Draconian Empire, Draconian military power and Draconian dominance within the galaxy.

In addition, unauthorized and fraudulent KALASK channeling within Earth’s collective along with all misrepresentations will be addressed as priority.

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